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"I knew that that word was like the others: just a shape to fill a lack"

Month: August, 2012

Assignment: write a poem similar to “Knoxville Tennessee” by Nikki Giovanni

I always like the country


You can lie

On a hammock

Under the thick

Tree canopy

And hear

The sweet chirps

Of Mister Robin

And smell

The grass

And feel

The breeze

And the warmth

Of the sun

While you watch it set

You can lie there until

The locusts sing

And Luna peeks out from behind the black curtain

Of the sky


If you had your way,

You’d remove my eyes and my ears

To guard my innocence from the filth of the world.

You’d take my lips

So that no one could steal a kiss.

You’d cut out my heart and burry it

So that no one could purloin it from you.

i’d be nothing

If you had your way.


I listen whilst the locusts sing their staccato hymn

to their god.

I think of applauding them.

Thick tree canopies;

the big, open, star-filled sky

the scent of the grass;

sweet chirps of Mister Robin;

are the perks of the country.

This is a very simple haiku, but it describes how I feel.

So much work to do

So little time to finish

Very overwhelmed

first tanka

The next phase is near;

how quickly time disappears–

soon I  will be gone.

This is it; tomorrow is

the beginning of the end…

Here are two cheesy poems.

You are kind and true.

You are beautiful through and through.

No matter what, you are always there,

and I am so glad that I get to share

my life with you.

. . .

Thank you for listening to me complain;

I know it is a pain.

You’re an awesome friend–

a godsend.