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"I knew that that word was like the others: just a shape to fill a lack"

Month: July, 2012

Cynical Poem on Marriage

Her puffy dress and itchy veil–both white

make me want to take flight.

“I do,” they claim,

chaining themselves together forever; what a shame.

His happy smile,

while brilliant now, will only last for a while.

[Soon he’ll tire of her and “find himself” in another]

The nauseating kiss

reminds me that independence is bliss.

Marriage… Am I supposed to want this?


The Abiguity of the Heavens

I hear the loud roar

I feel the drips on my skin

Yet I see azure

Lyrical Rumination (assignment)

Walking through the maze of the streets. Over concrete, bricks, pavement. Halted again and again. The machine is demanding; he must always go first. Even when the secure shade appears, he still wants his turn. He is impatient because he is relied on. I am submissive lest I be brought to ruin.

He dominates this age.

Senecio vulgaris

The Senecio vulgaris

contemplates her purpose.

Amongst the tulips and daisies and daffodils,

she feels


In their beauty the pose.

In her diffidence she remains closed.

My Thoughts

Spinning in circles

A beginning but no end

Around and around

Rebirth (inspired by a treck through the woods)

After years of suffering through the purgatory of guilt and self-hatred, I commit the act. I am wary, but I finally do it. I take a step over the creek of regret, and upon arriving on the unblemished bank, I feel a change take place–a heavenly kind of release–I am set free, and I begin my journey through the untainted, virgin forest of new life.

gone is the season for sadness

passed is the time of despair

a hopeful sun rises,

of yesterday’s sorrows bare

too much Noise–

cracking my Poise,

drilling a screw in my Brain,

causing me so much Pain;

my head is going to Pop

if it doesn’t Stop.

I hate myself to the core

I hate myself forevermore

I bring nothing good to the Earth

I wish that God would revoke my birth

Truly, this is my plea:

an end of me

Freedom approaches

and within its clutch lie vast