Mostly Poetry — Poetry Mostly

"I knew that that word was like the others: just a shape to fill a lack"

Month: October, 2011

Always something missing

Never fulfilled

Always wanting more

Never enough

Always empty

Never satisfied


Why couldn’t I see

that I was losing you?

I was so blind.

I wish I could reverse time.

You’re still there,

but it’s not the same

and I am to blame.

Why can’t it be the way it was before?

Colourless Colour

“Been dreaming of blue skies
New horizons and sights for my eyes
The discovery of the unknown
Is something to tell the folks back home
I want to get away
To feel the sun on my skin
To feel it really sinking in..”

   I adore La Roux, and this is my favorite song by them. Probably because I can relate to it so well. I am so very ready to leave this place and begin my life.  I just don’t think the small town lifestyle is for me. I want to see the world. Experience different cultures. Get way from this provincial way of life. Everyone here is so closed-minded and judgmental. I just want to be free.

All I wanted was

 a second chance.

Not to sit

but to dance.

But what did I get?