Mostly Poetry — Poetry Mostly

"I knew that that word was like the others: just a shape to fill a lack"

I dreamed a poem

A gold necklace, trickling down a cliff,

hesitating, both falling and rising at the same speed.

A red ringlet-headed toddler running through the grass,

just out of reach.

The whole scale shifts, groaning, unchangeable


i’m a lot older now

life and its raw truth whisper to me with the rattle of every leaf, whispering so loudly i can’t turn away or shut my ears

Donald Oswald Alexander was his name

but his coworkers just called him by his initials–D O A

because they didn’t bother

no one bothered


Every day he drove to work alone

remained in his cubicle, alone–except for the phone calls he made

drove home alone

to his apartment, alone


He really was a good person

but no one bothered to notice,

just left him alone


One day he decided to walk to work

for a change

for fresh air

to see other people walking


He saw a little boy too

crossing the street

he fell

Donald Oswald Alexander ran to help

he stopped to pick the boy up

the bus didn’t stop


An ambulance came–


the boy was fine


When Donald Oswald Alexander was finally wheeled into the hospital

he was still


D. O. A.


Each morning I walk on sidewalks

wait for green lights

just to see it–

just to see the monument–

of him.

Each morning I stand in awe

One morning, with the sun

just right, I saw

the reflection

of the eyes

in a mirrored skyscraper.

I cannot admire that which worships itself

The flower does not wilt, no.

But she struggles.

She sucks water from the ground, of course,

but she needs more.

She needs rain.

She asks not that the water fills her veins for her–she can do that herself–

She merely asks for the means.

To fill her veins to turgor.

Turgor, she needs.


I have some underwear somewhere under here


I have here

some under wear some where under


Under here, have some where I wear


I have here

some some under under wear where


here under somewhere underwear some have I

Two men are watching the news:
war, rape, murder, theft, homicide, abuse, arson, suicide, tsunamis, eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, racism, sexism, homophobia, debt, politicians, ideas, questions, no solutions.

“God is dead.”
“I’m not sure he was ever alive.”

The Youth Minister

Oh God
She’ll take dick anywhere
I wish my wife would do that for me
Oh God that would feel so good

“Honey, what are you doing in there?”
“I’m preparing my lesson for Wednesday. It’s about the dangers of lust.”

I am a fish.

A sole–yes, a bottom feeder,

Living in scum, eating scum…I am scum

Hopelessly, I look up

Finally, a wriggling escape–though not a painless one

Ceasing thought, I bite.

Freudian Slip?

“______, you made a 98 on your speech.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m so proud of you. You’re one of the shyest students I’ve ever had, and your public speaking skills have improved tremendously. You’ve really learned how to take command while you’re up there. I’m goodI mean good job.”

“Thank you.”